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Optimization is hard! Our Model Library makes it easy

If you start from scratch you have to build the models, test and verify them, then get the infrastructure to run it and finally make sense of the results. All that takes time, costs money and is a hassle to keep running.

We have done the hard part, making the models, tested them and built the infrastructure.

The only things left for you:

  • Configure the model to exactly describe your business
  • Customize the inputs to fit your case
  • Use our APIs to integrate with the rest of your business

We will do the rest


Allocation and planning

Workforce is one of the cornerstones in many industries. Getting the right people to come to work at the right time and doing the right tasks are crucial elements for success.

We understand that every business is unique and each day is different. That’s why we are building tools that can be customized to your needs and are geared to handle the challenges of the real world. May it be someone getting sick or receiving a rush order that needs to be finished by the end of the day.

For workforce allocation and scheduling we have developed two approaches:

  • Allocation-driven model is best suited when the work tasks are (more or less) static and follow a pattern.
  • Order-driven model is tailored for businesses fulfilling orders and the task schedules constantly change according to the order book.


Route and delivery planning

Logistics planning can make or break most businesses. This is especially true for the food industry with its short shelf lives and the need of unbroken cold chains to guarantee quality.

“Field to fork” logistics optimization is a tool to optimize the end-to-end logistics for retail.

The model has a specific emphasis on food items and the unique challenges of the emerging markets with unpredictable roads, weather and other unexpected events.

Our logistics optimization is developed to produce the most robust solutions that can handle unforeseen hurdles and adapt to abrupt changes in seconds.



Land use optimization

Whether you’re a farmer or a rancher, optimal land use is extremely important for success. We are developing a land allocation optimization tool to help you make the right decisions.

No matter if you’re planting crops or raising livestock it’s crucial to know what to do and where to do it, in order to maximize your profit.

With land use optimization we take the guesswork out of the decision making process.


Diet & Feeds

Animal feed optimization
Diet & Feeds

Good health and growth is vital for animals as well as the farmers raising them.

The feed optimization tool can be used to formulate highly nutritional animal feeds that are simultaneously safe and cost efficient.

Diet & Feeds

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