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Can’t find what you are looking for or need something special?
The models on the LengOR platform can handle a huge variety of problems out of the box.
But not all problems can be solved with off the shelf models.

That’s why we offer our and partner services to help you.

Integration & Build

Need a specific application or a custom integration on top of LengOR?
Integration & Build
  • We help integrate the solutions into your systems and workflows.
  • We develop custom applications on top of LengOR models.
  • We build custom bots to coordinate your environment and the optimization solutions.
  • We engage our Partner Network to deliver the solution best for your at your convenience.
Integration & Build

Optimization Consulting

Custom solution to fit your business
Optimization Consulting
  • We work together with our clients to understand their problems and help them find a solution.
  • We tackle big, complex tasks with a divide and conquer approach.
  • We deconstruct the problem too small, understandable parts, create optimization models for each and then connect the models to create a whole ecosystem of models, working together to solve the underlying initial problem.
  • We develop the web of models and all the intricate workflows and connections needed to keep everything running.
  • We then offer the client API to easily and effortlessly interact with models and get the solutions they need.
Optimization Consulting


Hard start? Need a refresher? Want to build your own?
  • We provide training on how to build on the platform.
  • We do lectures on optimization (based on our background in teaching university courses).
  • We can help you kickstart you in the optimizing your industry

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