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LengOR - the backbone of the Baia Group

Our first project was to develop an ecosystem model for the end-to-end supply chain for the poultry industry in Kenya. So, it felt fitting to use one of the native languages as part of the name. Lengo is Swahili and means aim, goal or target. In optimization finding the right goal, which is described as a target function is the most important part of optimization. OR on the other hand stands for Operations Research, an umbrella term for everything related to optimization.

Combining a local language with a term in English is also a way to pay tribute to the heritage and tradition found in emerging economies.

The LengOR platform forms the backbone for all the products developed by the Baia Group.


To meet the whole team, please visit the Baia Group’s team page
Gytis Raciukaitis

Gytis Raciukaitis

Code Guru
Lives in Lithuania
Mikael Nyberg

Mikael Nyberg

Optimization Guru
Lives in Finland